Three tools for generating winning content topics

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After attending Danny Richmond’s talk at the brightonSEO Conference 2022, AUK’s Cat Roberts breaks down some of the best tools for generating topic ideas for SEO content.

One of the most important areas of SEO and content marketing is ensuring the topics you’re covering are relevant to your target audiences’ interests. And coming up with ideas for your content can be a tricky task. We often overthink what content will be best suited to our current target audience and end up generating things which end up actually being irrelevant to them!

Danny Richmond’s talk broke down the latest AI software which can be used to help generate content that’s relevant to your customers. Here we describe three tools you can use to produce a list of content topics closely matching the interests of your target audience. 


GPT3 is a machine learning language prediction tool. It was trained with data from CommonCrawl, WebText, Wikipedia, and a large corpus of books. By extracting data from multiple sources instantly and combining them to assemble your request, it can generate text based on a prompt you supply. This can be used to translate text in a language or programming language.


SparkToro is an audience research tool which helps you understand your target audience better. It can also help you to understand which websites, social profiles and topics are most interesting to your target audience. It will also supplies you with the hashtags most commonly used by people in that target audience.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a tool which will automatically write content for you. These sorts of tools are really common now and there is a growing question in marketing on why Google has not yet offered a service like this themselves, as they get a lot of issues with people copying content from each other. With this platform, you can select your target audience, select a competitor and it will generate content for you which fits that target audience and includes the keywords selected. 

In conclusion, the world of SEO and content marketing is changing – and these tools suggest where things might be going next. While AI isn’t a quick-fix solution for generating content, it could prove helpful in coming up with new ideas.

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