AgencyUK raises awareness for Julian House Christmas Appeal

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Cartoon of people outside building with Christmas tree

Julian House is a charity that supports vulnerable and at-risk individuals, including those experiencing homelessness, escaping domestic abuse, adults with learning difficulties, and people needing support after leaving prison.

Last year they provided help for over 1,600 vulnerable individuals across the South West, while their outreach teams supported more than 600 people on the streets. Through these projects, they have not only changed hundreds of lives for the better, but have saved many as well.


Julian House came to AgencyUK to launch a campaign to raise awareness for the charity and generate vital donations, with the key message being that homelessness does not take a break, especially during the festive season.

The charity wanted to demonstrate to the wider community that the men, women and children they support are ordinary people just like themselves who have fallen into difficult circumstances, be that as victims of domestic abuse, mental health issues, family breakdown, childhood trauma and addiction.

AgencyUK’s animation tells a common story in which financial struggles and problems at home can all too easily see someone fall into homelessness, before receiving support from one of Julian House’s outreach workers, ending with the message “Everyone deserves a home for Christmas”.

Julian House Fundraising and Digital Marketing Manager Cathy Adcock said:

“Having the opportunity to work with AgencyUK has been game changing for us. Their expertise in animation has helped us to bring our ideas and story board to life. We are positive that the emotive illustrations from AgencyUK will resonate with the community and help to make our appeal a great success.”

On working with Julian House, AgencyUK co-founder Amy Stobie said:

“We know this is a time of year when being homeless is even more challenging than ever. AUK are always keen to help our community, so by being able to lend some support to Julian House and create their Christmas campaign was a real pleasure for our team. One of our highly talented designers, Shannon Jones, created this beautiful animation which we hope not only highlights the issues people are facing but also encourages others to support and give what they can to such an important charity.”

Those experiencing homeslessness are over nine times more likely to take their own life than the general population. Poor mental health, substance reliance and a lack of opportunities mean that for many individuals, homelessness is something that’s difficult to avoid.

Together with the public’s support, however, Julian House can provide people with the support they need, and continue rebuilding lives. To learn more about their work and show your support by donating, follow the link to their website below.

You can show your support for the Julian House Christmas Appeal by visiting