What to consider on Pinterest for 2023

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AgencyUK recently joined the Pinterest Predicts webinar to see what their predictions are for 2023. In the world of social media, trends change on a daily basis so keeping a close eye on what’s trending now—and what’s trending next is always a top priority for us so we can advise clients on the best and most effective approach for campaigns. Here are just a few of the trends we’ve noticed making a splash so far!

Hipstoric Home: With the cost of living at the front of everyone’s mind, repurposing furniture has never been so fashionable. Mixing the modern with the antique is the perfect way to add character to your home. 

Wildflours: Apothecary has come to the kitchen with bakers of all ages tackling ambitious sweet treats like wildflower cupcakes and daisy desserts. Gen X and Millennial bakers are turning to nature to dress up their floury creations and embrace this bouquet baking trend.

The YOLO Years: Out of the midst of Covid, 2023 is all about celebrating milestones whether they are big or small. Boomers and Gen X will plan epic bashes for major milestones, from 100th birthday parties to 50th anniversaries.

Our paid social team are really excited to see what else will emerge in 2023 and with an 80% success rate, its clear Pinterest trends shouldn’t be ignored. We plan to make good use of it in the year ahead and see how they might use them to influence successful campaigns for our clients. If you’d like to know more, reach out to us at hello@agencyuk.com.