Our Future Health appoint AgencyUK to drive largest ever health research programme

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Set to be the UK’s largest ever health research programme, Our Future Health will help support the discovery and testing of more effective approaches to prevention, earlier detection and treatment of diseases. Research that will help people live healthier lives for longer.

Millions of people across the UK will be invited to take part – providing information about their health and lifestyle to create a detailed picture that truly represents the whole of the UK. It is vital that a diverse range of people join, so that any discoveries made can benefit everyone.

Despite advances in healthcare and medicine, large numbers of people in the UK still spend many years of their life in poor health. And too often, we treat diseases only when patients start showing symptoms. The goal of Our Future Health is to transform the prevention, detection and treatment of conditions such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke so that future generations can live in good health for longer.

AgencyUK, an integrated brand communications agency, is now working with Our Future Health. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, and global recruiting clinical trial populations for life science sectors, AgencyUK will be supporting the rollout of the programme. Staff at the agency are registering for Our Future Health, a process which includes completing a health questionnaire and donating a small sample of blood, to support the programme’s vital research.

Amy Stobie, Commercial Director, AgencyUK, said: “Our Future Health are launching one of the most ambitious health research programmes the UK has ever seen, and the AgencyUK team are delighted to have been selected to partner with them as their lead strategic and creative campaign agency.”

Andrew Roddam, CEO of Our Future Health, said: “We’re looking forward to working with AgencyUK to help us to ultimately achieve our goal of helping people live healthier lives for longer. By ensuring that a diverse range of people participate in Our Future Health, we can make discoveries that benefit everyone. Developing a campaign with AgencyUK is one of the ways we can work to achieve this.”

Every person counts, which is why Our Future Health needs every person.

To join Our Future Health, visit the Our Future Health website.