18% Of Companies Fail To Differentiate Between Mobile And Desktop Users

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Nearly one fifth (18%) of businesses are not capable of identifying the differences in the behaviour of their mobile and desktop visitors. This is quite surprising given mobile devices’ growing power in terms of higher website traffic and sales and the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets among consumers.

Just 41% of businesses are confident that they are pretty aware of the devices their customers use to access their sites, according to the Mobile Strategy and Sophistication report released by Econsultancy and Kontagent. The partners polled 1,301 representatives of agencies and client-side firms to find out more about the efforts they make to respond to the phenomenal growth in mobile devices and also established that a further 41% know little about the differences between their mobile and desktop site visitors.

The report divided the respondents into two groups: mobile-first businesses, or those considering mobile as their main money source or having mobile users as their main audience; and mobile mainstream, which reflects mobile programmes across sectors and company types.

Not surprisingly, businesses in the mobile-first group were found to be more skilled in measuring behavioural data, with 63% of those polled saying that they can differentiate between mobile and desktop visitors. Mobile-first companies also make better use of user feedback and data as 63% of them update their mobile websites using consumer information compared to just 23% of mainstream businesses.