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BSM has launched a new mobile optimised website for pupils and instructors. It marks the driving school’s continued commitment to making sure all its customers receive the best possible experience and support. The site has been designed to work on desktops, smartphones and tablets alike, incorporating the very latest in mobile technology.

The new website also has improved content including a ‘passers’ gallery’ where pupils and instructors can highlight their success stories.

Mark Peacock, head of BSM, said: “Our website is an incredibly important sales channel for us, so it is vital it is as user-friendly and interesting as possible.

“Although we have pupils of all ages, we are a youth-focussed brand and as such it is even more important to stay up-to-date with technology. The vast majority of our customers will have smartphones or a tablet so it makes sense that our website is supported on those platforms.”

BSM has used technology widely to help improve its service to customers, including developing a range of successful driver training aids and mobile applications that have previously received Top 10 listings by Apple iTunes.

Bath-based communications firm AgencyUK, who have worked with BSM since 2009 initially on the brand repositioning, advertising and digital communications, have led the website redesign and build with the BSM marketing team.

Sammy Mansourpour, Partner at AgencyUK, said: “We’re excited about launching the new site, and keen to see how it performs commercially, because that’s our focus. There has been a lot of testing and learning since we first took BSM online in 2009, and much of that analysis has helped to inform the new web journey.”