Some Mobile Marketing Features Consumers Appreciate

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Today’s consumer is ready to engage with retailers on the go as more and more consumers shop online via their mobile devices. Mobile marketing, however, continues to raise eyebrows and most retail businesses are yet to tap its full potential. I noticed an interesting report from Siteworx identifying some of the right measures to capitalise on this channel and the features that are most effective in fuelling mobile and tablet buying behavior and here are some of the highlights.

According to a survey carried out by the interactive design and application development expert, one of the most powerful weapons of mobile marketing is developing a well-designed website that is optimised for mobile devices. When it comes to shopping, consumers increasingly prefer mobile websites over apps, with 66% of the smartphone users polled saying that they would rather contact a retailer via its website than use an m-commerce app.

Product reviews play a key part for mobile shoppers’ buying decisions, as 33% of consumers who have used their gadget to buy products said that reviews help them choose what to purchase more easily.

Among the most successful mobile marketing techniques are also product descriptions, which were cited as a factor influencing buying decisions by 19% of the sample. Another 25% said that they would be more likely to shop if there is an option to compare prices, while 17% stated that they would feel more willing to buy if there is an image attached.

As to m-commerce apps, the report established that consumers prefer using apps that are easy and fast to use though experience may be poorer than apps that have slower load times but offer significantly more.