58% Of UK’s Top Advertisers Have Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile Search engine optimisation

According to research from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) I came across recently, 58% of the country’s top 100 advertisers have adapted their websites to display content in the best possible way when accessed through smartphones.

The findings are part of IAB’s broader study, which examines the use of mobile-friendly technology among the UK’s top 100 highest spending advertising companies.

The research also shows that 11% of the top 100 companies have adopted the use of responsive design for their websites. This means that they have taken measures to ensure that content from their site is automatically displayed in the most appropriate way when accessed by different types of devices used by the consumer, such as through a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Companies within the automotive and technology/telecoms industry are leading the way in terms of responsive design. Both sectors account for 17% of the top 100 list, and each have two out of their 12 companies implementing the technology.

The pace at which advertisers are switching to responsive design technology is impressive, and it is clear that these companies are taking into account consumers’ preferences when it comes to brand interaction, IAB’s senior mobile manager Alex Kozloff commented. Responsive design is the next phase of mobile optimisation that delivers a strong multi-channel experience, providing consumers with the best surfing experience irrespective of the device used, he added.