Over Three-Quarters Of Top Tech Firms Have Mobile Optimised Site

Mobile Search engine optimisation

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK recently published information on its mobile technology and telecoms audit that was carried out in July,which revealed that 76% of the top tech and telecom firms in the UK have a mobile optimised site.
The top 50 tech and telecom firms in the UK were questioned and measured against several different key performance indicators (KPIs), from whether the brand had a tablet specific site, a mobile optimised site, whether they had an app and whether they were optimised for mobile search.

According to the audit, 62% of the firms had both a mobile site and an app, and 38% were in the process of optimising their paid search for mobile – 47% of those optimising their site also included a click-to-call option in their ad creative. Only 6% of the top 50 firms had absolutely no mobile presence whatsoever, the report found.

A number of high-profile telecom brands, such as EE, Sky and O2, all performed highly in terms of having a mobile friendly site, as well as apps for both mobile and tablets.

This audit is a follow-up report to the ‘Mobile Retail Audit’ carried out by the IAB from 6 May to 7 July this year. Alex Kozloff, the head of mobile at IAB, stated that by “producing this series of sector specific audits we are encouraging brands to get to grips with mobile”, before reiterating how important it is for brands to have a mobile presence in today’s technology-focused world; the mobile channel is essential for “driving awareness” of a brand amongst the target audience, he said.