The Future Of The Internet Of Things

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Marketers and industry professionals alike are starting to take advantage of the advent of smart technology with the creation of a number of new pieces of smart technology. Although the market for smart technology is there, it is not yet mature enough to be clearly defined. An article on Econsultancy notes that despite this, a number of companies are investing in the technology.

However, although there is a lot of interest in the field, there have been a number of products produced that many consider to be a risky investment. Sony announced last year that they were producing a ‘SmartWig’ – used to measure blood pressure and brain waves. Google is also currently producing smart contact lenses, which can be used to measure glucose levels in people who suffer from diabetes. Microsoft has also invested in creating a ‘Smart Bra’ – a piece of clothing that can the measure respiration and heart rate of the wearer.

There have been a number of other interesting developments in the world of smart technology, with marketers from Vessyl banking on an interest from consumers in a ‘Smart Cup.’ The cup will be able to measure exactly how many calories are in a drink and how much a user has drunk that day.

Kolibree, on the other hand, has created a smart toothbrush that can tell users via a mobile app how long they have spent brushing and how regularly they brush. On the mobile app, graphs will be available with each user’s progress.

Finally, Pavlok have made a bracelet that shocks users into doing more exercise. If the user is not meeting their exercise targets, then the bracelet delivers a small electric shock to motive them into doing more.