Mobile Advertising To Be Made More Attractive To Brands

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Google is looking to launch four new display ad formats specifically for mobile devices in a bid to make mobile advertising more attractive to brands, Marketing Week reports. The formats are expected to be launched on a global scale over the next couple of months.

The four formats being launched include one for full-screen ads, mobile video, engagement ads and an ‘anchor’ format; the search engine giant is also looking to make some new tools available to make it easier for brands to create more successful ads that work across different screen sizes.

The full-screen ad format will appear in apps at ‘logical points’, the article notes – for example, when a user clicks into an article from a news app. The mobile video ad format – which used to only be accessible in gaming apps – is due to be made available across a number of different apps. It will work similarly to YouTube in that users will be able to skip an ad after a few seconds if they wish.

The ‘engagement ad’ format is different to the above two, as it allows brands to take over the entire screen – allowing them to showcase videos, content and pictures to the user. This will not appear automatically on the user’s screen, but only if they click on a small ad which appears are the top.

The ‘anchor’ format is the final new service launched by Google and takes the form of a small ad which appears at the bottom of the screen and stays there whilst users scroll. They will, however, have to option to remove this if they desire.

Mobile advertising has suffered recently, with a CMO Council report finding that 52% of marketers planned to either decrease their marketing budgets or keep them the same – a significant change compared to 2013 when 62% planned an increase.