AgencyUK’s feeling chipper with five Creative Award nominations

AUK News Creative

Bath-based integrated advertising and marketing firm AgencyUK has gained its record number of nominations in The Drum’s annual Chip Shop Creative Awards.

AgencyUK’s creative team has gained recognition for some inspired campaign work for a diverse range of clients. Their work is shortlisted in five categories including Best Political Ad (UKIP), Best Ad without a Headline (Doritos), Best Use of an Alternative Media Space (North of England Illicit Tobacco Programme), Best Use of an Animal (Woodpecker Cider) and finally Best Ad without a Visual (Hornby).

Creative Director Zane Radcliffe said: ‘There is a saying that an agency is only as good as its client list and the Chip Shop Awards gives creatives the unique opportunity to effectively work at their dream agency by cherry-picking the brands and briefs that really get the creative juices flowing. Importantly, it’s a level playing field where student book can compete with seasoned practitioner and lesser-known agencies get a chance to make a real statement. These nominations are a testament to the strength of our creative resource.’

2015’s award panel boasted judges from Lbi, RAPP, LIDA, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy, among others. The finalists will be announced at a ceremony in London during June.

See all of this year’s nominations here.