Charlie’s First Month as an Intern at AgencyUK

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Over the past couple of months, I have been working as a Social Media and Client Services intern at AgencyUK! I’m currently at the start of a 12-month placement which sits between my second and final year of university in Manchester where I study Advertising and Brand Communications. 

Whilst my first month has flown by, I have genuinely enjoyed every day spent in the office and alongside the team. My role, being split between the client services and social media team, has given me exposure to several different areas of the agency and allowed me to further explore my interests. So far, I have found my experience working in the industry extremely beneficial to my learning by allowing me to apply elements of taught knowledge to real-life client briefs and projects. 

My first few weeks were spent shadowing the team to get a feel for the responsibilities of the role and to introduce me to the many clients that we work with at AUK. One month on, I am now responsible for several internal projects, including the production of our very own AUK honey! 

Aside from the ongoing internal projects, I have had the chance to write and upload blog posts, create copy for our social media pages, assist with client projects, write briefs and much more! I have also had the opportunity to complete various LinkedIn training courses which are great to add to my CV and improve my understanding of marketing practices. Having the time to undertake training courses during the working day is something I have enjoyed as personal development is important to everyone here at AgencyUK.

I was a bit apprehensive to start a professional role in an agency having only gained a basic understanding of marketing practices from my time at university. However, the team have all been extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful, putting me at ease.

I already know that my placement year here at AgencyUK is going to fly by, but I am so excited to see what the rest of the year brings, to continue building relationships and learning invaluable and transferable skills which I can carry forward into my final year of university.

Thank you for having me AgencyUK!