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Climate Change at AUK 

As the UK heads towards Net Zero by 2050, there is a growing importance and commitment needed from companies to do their part in protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change.

AgencyUK’s climate vision: 

At AgencyUK, we strive to have a positive impact in every way possible! One of our key focuses is our commitment to global carbon reduction. Around 15 months ago we began our journey with Ecologi to plant 10,000 trees by the end of 2023. So far we have planted 4,651 trees and have reduced carbon in the atmosphere by 158.15 tonnes! We love working alongside Ecologi because they work with local farmers and communities all over the world who grow, raise, and tend the trees.  

“Our vision is to take the positive impact of becoming a B Corp certified organisation and build on it as an ethically driven marketing agency which innately understands the needs and desires of the modern conscious consumer.” Amy Stobie, Co-founder of AgencyUK.

Becoming B Corp certified is of real importance to AgencyUK so it’s key we work alongside clients who feel the same and who are making a real difference! Here’s what some of our clients had to say…

 “From the very start, we believed we could create change by creating solutions. Our products help generate awareness and provide support for environmental projects. We live and breathe these values every day. It’s what sets us apart.” Darrell de Vries, Pawtato

“We are a climate-positive company, putting more into the planet than we take out due to the way we farm. We need to do everything we can to mitigate the problems caused by what we do on this planet. If we can do it through commerce and make positive changes for a whole supply chain and be conscious about what we’re doing, then together we can make things right. For example allowing biodiversity to be present” Chris Burdett, Holle

Our Initiatives 

Not only are we making a difference through who we work with and the work we create, but also with the actions of our team. Tracking our individual carbon footprints using Giki Zero calculators, and sharing knowledge with local suppliers and our community to make improvements in our local area only grazes the surface! 

One of our most recent initiatives was introducing bees back into Beehive Yard, where our AgencyUK offices are based in the artisan quarter off Walcot Street, right in the heart of Bath! With the support of The West of England Combined Authority, we aim to positively and directly impact the biodiversity and pollinators within our wonderful city. To help achieve this, each of our team undergoes training in beehive management, learning exactly how our bees can positively impact climate change, as well as participating in the Bee Bold Awards later this summer. 

And, just a stone’s throw from our office in Beehive Yard, we have Wild Walcot. A business community based on and near Walcot Street, known for its creativity, with the aim of improving biodiversity within the City of Bath. The community garden and planters dotted along the street are tended to by local businesses, one of which we are lucky enough to look after! Not only do all of our AgencyUK team take part in the community planting programme with Avon Wildlife Trust, but we will also be attending the Blue Earth Summit in autumn joining like-minded communities, redefining how we work, driven by our love for the outdoors.

We aim to directly improve biodiversity in Bath City Centre as well as educate our team, the local community, and visitors to the city on how planting in urban environments enhances the environment aesthetically, make a significant impact on carbon reduction, improves biodiversity for cities and the planet, and of course – improve our wellbeing! 

With our strong values surrounding health and wellbeing, we have always understood the benefit of encouraging staff to engage and interact out and about in nature. Recently, the entire team spent a long weekend camping in Wales at Top of the Woods, an eco-farm 100% committed to sustainability through farming methods and technology. AgencyUK trips are essential for bringing our people together whilst combining fun and education that feeds our team and makes us a better creative agency! After all, we are an Agency For All which means that we all do our bit! 

We can all take action to mitigate our impact on the environment. Follow our journey and help us do more by getting in touch with us today.

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