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Cotswold RAW

Uncompromised Brand Positioning

We came across Cotswold RAW on Crowdfunder, and as we are an agency of animal lovers and of the Cotswolds, we felt we were a perfect fit to help take their business to the next level.

The first stage of working with them was a comprehensive research and strategy phase, more clearly defining their proposition and researching who their audience was. From this we gave them:

    • A stronger identity
    • A disruptive brand story
    • A compelling brand personality

We delved deeper into their sales data, forecasting the lifetime value of a customer, and putting meaning to campaign planning. With robust branding and strategy in place we were then able to support Cotswold RAW by executing acquisition campaigns, both online and based around trade shows and events. We are constantly feeding the top of the sales funnel – driving trial pack purchases then developing those initial sales into repeat customers.

We set out out a three-pronged waterfall approach to Cotswold RAW’s first ever social media campaign.

  1. In a fairly new and developing market we started with educational adverts aimed at a wider audience (who may or may not have heard of a raw diet) – aimed at communicating the benefits of switching to a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet.
  2. We followed the educational traffic-based adverts with sales-driven social adverts aimed at the same demographic, to demonstrate why Cotswold RAW is the brand choice in the market.
  3. Finally we sues Social Proofing – a powerful tool to drive acquisition, especially useful when a product is new or unfamiliar. It harnesses two separate persuasion techniques: Authority and Consensus. We saw an opportunity to use the ‘wisdom of crowds’  as our strategy to ‘close the loop’ on any potential reasons not to purchase Cotswold RAW by showcasing the amazing testimonials and customer reviews.



This strategic waterfall approach to paid social approach proved immediately effective – by educating audiences on the benefits of raw and demonstrating why to choose Cotswold RAW (through industry awards + customers’ word of mouth), we delivered 382,877 impressions, increasing web traffic from social to 25% of all website visits and £5,600 new lifetime value customers in two months:

  • +759% traffic from social (previous two month period)
  • 4,125 engagements from UGC content campaigns
  • Average engagement rate on UCG content of 76%
  • +140% growth in social communities
  • +155% increase online sales (vs previous two month period)
  • £5,600 new business (£26,000 forecast lifetime value)

The success of this initial two-month campaign has evolved into an ongoing 12-month paid social campaign aimed at continually educating new audiences, proofing the benefits of Cotswold RAW and driving new sales. Utilising the ever-growing pool of incredible customer reviews and re-targeting to previous trial pack purchases with incentives to purchase again and engage with the brand we are growing their lifetime customer value and more importantly delivering brand advocates.


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