Could Kindle provide marketers next generation data?

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Data marketing Kindle and Amazon

There has been a lot of buzz lately after Amazon announced the arrival of its Kindle Fire tablet in the UK but there is much more to Kindle Fire than an attractive price tag.

The Kindle Fire’s browser, Amazon Silk, is expected to influence the mobile industry with its cloud-based services delivering multi-channel integration, better content for users, improved performance and the ability to gather user insights.

Great for us as marketers and app developers, because the new browser is capable of detecting user behaviour patterns and actually requesting the next page a user is likely to need before they even know they need it. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, told Business Week that Kindle Fire is a service, rather than a tablet and experts hope that this will encourage other companies to also start working on their mobile apps.

Bearing in mind that a recent poll in the UK revealed that most consumers are ready to pay GBP250 on average for a tablet, the future is looking bright for Kindle Fire, and the data they’ll be able to gather.

But the question remains, can this data be used to predict online shopping behaviour, and sweeten the online brand experience. Could this type of data pave the way for intelligent eCommerce, allowing bespoke journeys to be mapped by user prior to their engagement with a site. Link that to their Facebook demographic data and you’ve got a pretty powerful sales tool. Could this mean the future of brands eCommerce is combining a tablets behavioural data with social media / Facebook stores?