Deliveries discourage online shoppers ahead of Cyber Monday

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A survey by software company Postcode Anywhere, which focused on consumer attitude towards online shopping in the UK.

Perhaps the key finding is that almost 10% of the respondents have decided not to shop online this year because they have been put off by delivery problems they encountered on previous occasions. In total, more than one-quarter of consumers report having had problems with the delivery of online-purchased items. However, half of them claim that they have always found the service satisfactory.

According to the survey, when asked about possible concerns regarding online shipping, 54% responded by saying that the number of orders during the Christmas season is putting pressure on the network. Half of the consumers think that the weather may have interfered with delivery, while one in three think that the company had not allowed enough time to carry out the orders. Furthermore, one in four respondents blame the low stock levels and 8% attribute the problems to address irregularities.

For brand reputation it is essential that companies have a realistic view on what they can deliver and make sure they do not mislead consumers. While the traffic is at its peak for the holidays, brands can only benefit from being loyal to users and expect the same from them, Phil Rothwell, sales and marketing director at Postcode Anywhere, commented.