Survey Reveals Top UK Brands

UK Consumer Brands

According to a new report from YouGov, Google and Amazon are the best-rated companies among UK consumers.

YouGov’s annual BrandIndex measures how consumers perceive brands in six different categories: quality, value, customer satisfaction, general impression, corporate reputation and whether consumers are likely to recommend the brand. Then, an average score determines where the company is ranked in the index.

For the second year in a row Google, Amazon UK and M&S occupy the top three places as the best-performing brands.

On the whole, the top six contains the same brands as last year and there is only one brand in the top 20 which was not included in the previous rankings.

Google topped the league, with an index of just over 60, while Amazon came second with an index standing at 58.7 and M&S scored 54.6 in terms of consumer approval. Amazon was one of the three brands that saw improvement on their performance from last year, with Colgate and Cathedral City being the other two. Dove was the only new player in the BrandIndex research, managing to push Nokia out of the elite top 20 group.

Sarah Murphy, YouGov’s Associate Director for the BrandIndex, says that most of the leading UK brands have had to deal with a challenging 2011 and as a result very few have focused on improving their image in the eyes of consumers. However, despite the difficulties they faced, a number of brands have managed to register significant improvement of their index of consumer approval, including British Airways, Android and HTC, she notes.