Online video ads can boost purchase by 25%

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Brands should invest in online video advertising, as new research shows that consumers believe it helps them engage with a brand.

The survey from interactive media company Specific Media shows that creative and original video ads not only appeal to consumers but also increase the chances of a purchase by 25%. In addition, brand favourability rises by 13%, while brand association rise by 12% as a response to video.

A comparison between the purchase intent of consumers who have been viewing video content and those who have not been exposed to it demonstrates that the former are 23% more likely to buy a product than the latter.

Researchers from Specific Media note that online video advertising is certainly going to mature in 2012, as an increasing number of brands have started to take it seriously and invest in it, while consumers are becoming more open to the channel.

In order to capitalise on consumers’ interest, marketers need to work hard on the evolution of online video advertising, to make sure that it matches the public’s expectations, Specific Media says.

The survey also reveals that consumers are happy with the control they have over video content as opposed to scheduled broadcasting and that the length of video ads is becoming of crucial importance, as consumers have a shorter attention span, due to the many channels they simultaneously follow.