UK Average monthly eCommerce spend is £116

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Marketing executive team

Despite ample research that we have all been exposed to recently on the fondness of British consumers for online shopping, today I read an article about a new poll which shows that high street sales still outweigh e-commerce transactions.

One of the key findings that emerges from the survey is the fact that poorly designed websites often prevent brands from yielding more sales, as potential consumers get frustrated and make their purchases in brick and mortar stores.

An interesting comparison is made between the average time spent shopping online (2.4 hours) and in stores (1.2 hours) per week in light of the fact that still more money is spent when visiting physical outlets. More precisely, the survey found that average e-commerce transactions add up to £116 per month, whereas the average monthly purchases from stores reach £126.

Contrary to the popular belief that spending sprees are more common among women, in fact, men seem to be spending more – a total of £273, with 47% of that sum spent online. Women, on the other hand, spend a more modest £212, with this amount split almost equally between the two channels – 49.5% online and 50.5% in stores.

Quite surprisingly, the poll also reveals that over four in five Britons aged 55 and over regularly buy goods online. For over one in three e-commerce is the main channel for retail purchases, with more than half considering the convenience of delivery at home the best stimulus for shopping online.