Brits Spend Over £3,300 On Online Shopping

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Here’s some interesting stats: according to the 2012 WorldPay eCommerce Basket Survey, the average British consumer spends £3,370 a year on online shopping, with men spending slightly more than women.

The survey, which polled 2,000 people who have purchased products over the Internet in the last 12 months, reveals that three in five consumers shop online up to three times per month, while two in five spend money online at least once every week. About 10% of those polled take advantage of the convenience of e-commerce at least ten times in 30 days, the Internet Retailing website reports.

More specifically, over half of Britons shop for books and literature online, while just 15% invest in film rentals and downloads. Those who are into fashion most frequently buy shoes, with women being more enthusiastic there. Close to half of them buy footwear, while just over one in three men will do so. However, it is not shoes that make the most expensive purchases in the fashion sector but handbags. Overall, package holidays booked and paid for online are the most expensive item that Brits buy, with each online shopper spending £1,608 on average.

Grocery shopping online is also a major business, with alcohol being the biggest cost. The survey shows that women spend £138 on alcoholic drinks over the year, while men spend £217. Still, those who buy groceries are most likely to shop for fruit and vegetables, with an average score of 32%.