Google Teaches UK Businesses To Excel At Mobile Marketing

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If you had to choose one word to describe marketing these days, chances are you might pick the word “mobile”. The importance of mobile for consumers has been highlighted quite often lately, but it seems that UK business is not entirely up-to-date with the practical side of things.

UK brands will be assisted in improving their websites to make them more mobile-friendly by none other that the biggest name in the industry these days – Google. Under a new scheme about to launch in the UK, called GetMo (‘Get Mobile’), the search engine giant will help businesses develop mobile marketing strategies, give them information on what the latest trends in the sector are and provide hints on how to effectively implement them, as well as present plenty of case studies to demonstrate best practices.

GetMo follows a similar initiative, GoMo, that was launched in the US in November. Businesses can visit Google’s GetMo website to use the GetMoMeter tool and find out how their website performs on mobile devices and get individual recommendations for improving the look and functionality of their pages.

Seeing your brand page through the eyes of a consumer is essential, as research by Ipsos CT shows that 93% of smartphone owners use their devices to go online at least once a day and over three in five people say they would not visit a website again if they experience difficulties in accessing it from their mobile.