Motaquote and TomTom unveil radical new insurance brand developed by AgencyUK

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Motaquote and TomTom have launched the latest and most radical Motor Insurance product on the market called Fair Pay Insurance.

The new motor insurance policy allows customers to demonstrate their good driving and potentially lower their insurance premiums. The latest in navigation technology is used to monitor driving behaviour.

TheAgency, who were appointed in December 2011 came up with the name and branding for Fair Pay Insurance.

“The motor insurance industry is evolving quickly. It struck us early on that this new product will not only revolutionise the way premiums are calculated, but how people perceive their own driving behaviour and motor insurance brands as a whole. Fair Pay has a completely unique proposition and brand. We were pleased when the concept was backed by Motaquote and are delighted to see it come to life” says Saman Mansourpour, partner at TheAgency.

Nigel Lombard, Managing Director of Fair Pay Insurance explains: “We have built a unique insurance product in partnership with one of the leading GPS technology firms in the world. So it was imperative to get the name, brand and consumer message right. We worked with TheAgency on the re-launch of iKube and their valuable assistance in rebranding the product helped us to break new ground in the insurance market. They have done the same again”

Fair Pay insurance is designed for those who genuinely believe they are good drivers, and feel they could be unfairly charged based on traditional methods of calculating risk and insurance premiums.

As motor insurance premiums continue to rise, Fair Pay Insurance does offer a fairer deal to those paying over £1,000 on their car insurance.