Tablets Shaping Consumer Behaviour

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Tablets have already turned into a major factor for marketing in the UK and their significance has been confirmed by a new study, commissioned by Total Media.

The study reveals that tablet users spend more time and money online than users of other devices in the UK. More than 1,000 consumers took part in the research, which reveals that nearly 80% of the respondents mostly use their device at home and one in three claim that their tablets have changed their behaviour at home.

In addition, tablet users are most likely to shop online, with 43% of them buying products via iPads or similar devices. An average tablet user spent £97 over the last three months, while smartphone users parted with £89 and an average Internet user spent £78 over the same period. Close to a quarter of those polled say they spend more money online after buying a tablet than they did prior to that.

The study also reveals that tablet users consume more digital content in comparison to other consumers. Due to the fact that tablets allow comfortable browsing and can be used anywhere, 46% of the respondents say they have been spending more time surfing the Internet after they bought a tablet, while the average time spent online has reached 105 minutes a day.

Tablets also affect the type of content users look for, with 43% saying they read more news than they used to and many using their devices instead of reference books – for recipes and road directions and to replace household appliance manuals.