Online, Brick And Mortar Equally Important For Consumers

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Understanding how consumers think is among the key factors for successful marketing. A new study from specialist research firm Shoppercentric provides more insight into the matter. Although UK consumers are equally attracted to online shopping and high street shopping, they perceive them as two totally different shopping experiences, the study shows.

The research, based on data from more than 1,000 people, reveals that the vast majority of consumers, or 87% to be precise, still shop in-store. Nearly a quarter use catalogues to make their purchases, while 13% rely on smartphones mainly. Tablets are preferred by 7% of the respondents, while just 2% use web-connected television sets. Social media platforms yield only 7% on this metric.

Looking at m-commerce in more detail, 9% of consumers have used retailer apps, while brand apps and QR codes both generate 5%. Smartphone consumers are mostly attracted by the devices’ convenience and the possibility to use them while on the move, with 74% of those polled sharing this opinion. Nearly two in three smartphone users were pleased with the instant online access they provide, while three in five appreciate the information they provide on store locations.

Among tablet users, 58% of the respondents claim viewing information is easy and 55% liked the browsing speed. On the downside, both smartphone and tablets users were unhappy with the inability to experience the products first-hand and security issues.

However, brick and mortar remains the first choice when consumers seek advice, with over two in three polled trusting experts face-to-face.