Consumer Behaviour Varies Across Platforms

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With technology advancing and consumers being offered a wide choice of shopping options, it is sometimes difficult for retail brands to follow where their sales come from and how consumers choose what to buy. The following might give retailers better understanding of the issue.

According to recent research from RichRelevance, called Shopping Insights, UK consumers across different platforms tend to display different behaviour when shopping. For example, latest data on the amount of money spent in a single transaction in March shows that on mobile consumers bought goods for an average of £109.68, while shopping on desktop computers yielded £100.05.

Most mobile purchases come from iPads, accounting for 82% of all m-commerce revenue. Still, figures reveal that iPhones registered the highest average order values in March, reaching £135.63, while values on other channels came in at £119 on other mobile devices, £111.41 on iPads and £107.70 on desktop computers.

In addition, the most expensive single items were also purchased on iPhones, with an average of £84.77 per item, compared to £74.38 on other mobile devices, £69.63 on iPad and £38.46 on desktop PCs.

When it comes to browsing, iPad users tend to see nearly 10 pages on average, while desktop users view 8.86 pages. Figures drop significantly for other mobile devices and iPhones, with an average of 5.16 and 4.34 pages respectively.