Global Marketing Budgets Rise

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According to the latest Warc Global Marketing Index, marketing budgets are on the rise internationally.

The index is based on data compiled from a wide range of industry bodies, such as agencies, brand owners and executives and media companies, among others. Figures for April, focusing on marketing spending, staffing levels and trading conditions, show that the index for Europe, Asia and North and South America is positioned at 58.1 points, compared to 57.4 in the previous month, the Warc website reports.

As far as marketing spending is concerned, the index rose to 53.7 points, up on 51.5 points in March, with the Americas reaching the highest position of 57.4 points. The index stands at 53.1 and 50.4 for Asia Pacific and Europe respectively. Not surprisingly, digital was the best performing channel, with the index reaching 78.3 points, followed by mobile on 70.2 points.

Commenting on the figures, Warc’s data editor Suzy Young says that this is the first time the index has reached over 50 for European marketing expenditure at the start of the second quarter. However, it is difficult to predict whether the positive trend will persist in the months to come, Young concludes.

Elsewhere, the index for trading conditions reached a total of 62.1 points, up on 60.8 in March, while staffing levels fell slightly to 58.5 points in April, from 59.8 in the previous month.