42% Of Consumers Have No Trust In Supermarket Promotions

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The four biggest supermarkets in the UK have faced accusations for misleading customers with bogus low prices. A report commissioned by the BBC for its Panorama programme shows that some of the pricing practices, employed by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons could in fact be breaching the law.

The four supermarket chains have a combined share of over two-third of the UK grocery market, with £65bn of the £96bn total spent over the past 12 months.

The four supermarkets were all found to trick customers into fake bargains and special offers. Promotions that offer no savings, bogus discounts and larger value packs that in fact cost more than the smaller alternatives were the most common techniques to attract customers.

However, all four chains denied the allegations and claimed that they strive to keep prices down at all times. A law expert commented that some of the practises are potentially illegal because misleading offers are not an exception but rather the norm. The Office for Fair Trading has expressed its willingness to see the BBC report.

Meanwhile, a survey has revealed that 42% of consumers have no trust in discounts and promotions, while almost half of the respondents said they have felt deceived by special offers.