80% Of UK Mums Engage In E-Shopping Every Month

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I remember reading recently about research from BabyCentre that established a significant increase in use of the Internet and digital devices by UK women once they become mums. It seems that a combination of widespread technology use and the abundance of bargains online has helped turn UK mums into ardent e-shoppers and 80% of them now make online purchases at least once or twice every month.

I came across this figure in a BizReport.com article, which was citing the findings of a study undertaken by flash sales portal Casabu and parenting website Mumsnet. Their research involved 1,000 mums, 16% of whom were found to shop online once a week or more often. Practically all devices with Internet connectivity are being used to make online purchases, with desktop PCs and laptops proving most popular with a score of 94%. Smartphones are the second most popular device among UK mums (44%), while 31% use tablets and 26% put their work computers to use for e-shopping purposes.

The primary motivation for buying online is price. For 86% of the survey respondents, striking an online deal is accompanied by the feeling that they have picked up a bargain and 52% never fail to do some price comparing when they shop on the Internet.

In case you’re curious how much mums spend online on products for themselves and their offspring, here are a few figures. In the past month, 26% parted with between £100 and £200 to buy things like clothes, toys and books, while 32% spent between £50 and £99.