Ariel’s New Campaign Seeks Emotional Connection With Consumers

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Ariel, the laundry detergent line of consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G), is looking to engage consumers by offering them a more intimate and affective approach with its latest campaign, an article I read in Marketing Week suggests.

The campaign, which kicked off this week, displaces the traditional focus on the product itself to provide room for consumers and their personal stories. The initiative is being rolled out under the “My Ariel” slogan and is a successor of the brand’s previous campaign, “Proud Sponsor of Mums”, which was aired during the Olympics this year.

The My Ariel campaign also marks the brand’s foray into multichannel marketing – it will be displayed on both traditional and digital platforms such as TV, printed media, PR and blogger content and digital media. It will also have a channel on YouTube and a Facebook page.

Rolling out the campaign on new media platforms and the brand’s ambitions to interact with its audience in a more emotional manner mean that Ariel is upbeat about the campaign’s success, Ian Morley, head of fabric and home care marketing at P&G UK, says.

Nowadays, consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by both a product’s quality benefits and their emotional connection to the brand. Ariel has traditionally been focused on the functional aspect, but now it is zeroing in on the personal side to show Ariel as a part of their everyday life, Morley added.