First Drinks Seeks To Engage Older Drinkers With Zubrowka Vodka Campaign

Vodka brand campaign

First Drinks is looking to engage “authenticity-seeking drinkers” through a fresh marketing initiative aimed at reinstating the Zubrowka vodka brand in the UK, according to Marketing Week.

The campaign, which will run over the next 18 months to promote the drink in pubs and bars across the country, comes several months after First Drinks assumed the distribution rights to the Polish brand. The initiative will focus on experiential events that will be entrusted to actors dubbed the “Zubrowka Ensemble of Woodland Performers”. With the move, First Drinks will look to engage more adherents among both bartenders and drinkers. The visual aspect of the campaign has been assigned to artist Kristjana S Williams, who is helping with stylish illustrations to create a new identity for the brand and restore its fame in the UK. In order to better identify its target audience and initiate more promotions going forward, First Drinks will also create a database of consumers who join its events.

The campaign will be promoted online through a new website that is due to launch in the near future. The site will feature content generated through users’ social media interactions.

The initiative chiefly seeks to lure older drinkers who will appreciate the brand’s spirit and history and is not aimed at going after students, First Drinks’ senior brand manager for vodkas, Hayley Aldous, commented.

First Drinks is also gearing up for the expansion of its flavoured vodka, Full Moon Cocktail, by offering more recipes to capitalise on the increasing popularity of home-made cocktails.