Blogs Have Strong Impact On Buying Decisions

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I find it really astonishing every time I read about women’s dramatic power to influence (in a good way) the people around them, with their ability to give tips and persuade increasing with the help of the Internet. Today, I came across a recent survey from UK parent blogs community Tots100, which once again confirmed this phenomenon.

The study, which approached 850 members of the Tots100 community, showed that half of them had made a purchase based on positive feedback from a parent blogger. Not surprisingly, 97% of the 4,000 active blogs registered on Tots100 are mothers, who say maintaining a blog allows them to experiment with their creativity and create a place where family memories can be preserved.

About 92% of bloggers also like writing reviews about particular items on their websites, which brings them additional income whilst trying new products. Events organised by brands are occasions bloggers would love to visit; they also wouldn’t mind publishing sponsored features and adverts in their websites, the survey said.

Bloggers’ relationships with brands, however, is still an area that is yet to be developed and improved. Brands still tend to work with a restricted group of bloggers while there is still a vast number of blogs out there with similar traffic and engagement results. Currently 70% of bloggers find the content provided by an organisation irrelevant to their website, while a third of them admit to receiving a request from a brand not to disclose any payments. Still, 82% of parent bloggers are keen on collaborating with brands, while 75% said they had been sent free products from an organisation over the past 12 months.