Modern Women Shopping-Savvy, Buy For The Whole Family

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How would you describe the typical modern woman in the UK? See if you’ve guessed correctly. British women in 2012 are financially-conscious, technology savvy and still love their shopping.

Those are some of the main findings that emerge from a new survey conducted by YouGov in collaboration with Glamour magazine. The poll finds that the economic turmoil in recent years has led female consumers to become more savvy and more careful about the way they spend their money. While many respondents say they now shop less than they used to, they are still not ready to compromise with quality.

Despite their financial constraints, women still indulge in clothes. If feeling hard-up, half of those polled say they would rather skip a night out than give up on buying a new fashion item they have liked. However, only about 20% would make a purchase with their credit card if they do not have the money to buy it in the spot.

More than two in three women regularly buy designer clothes and all of the respondents confirm they make purchases on the high street. Some four in five women shop not only for themselves but also purchase goods for their partners, friends and family, suggesting that women take on the biggest responsibility about household shopping.

More broadly, three in four women are concerned about their financial future, which marks a dramatic rise from last year, when just about half of those interviewed were on that opinion.