Experian Reveals Top Digital Trends For 2013

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If you still haven’t thought about what 2013 will be bringing you in terms of new digital marketing trends, then the latest Digital Trends 2013 report from Experian can help you get an insight of what the new year has in store for marketers.

Not surprisingly, social media emerges as the key trend for the few next months, as it slowly but surely settles into our everyday lives and becomes an inseparable part of our routine. In marketing, the evolution and maturing of social media will take the form of improved tools for measuring the value of social media to businesses. This will allow marketers to create more and better campaigns to further fuel the importance of the channel.

Another digital trend to follow is the increased use of search engines as content portals, rather than a navigational tool. Search results are more laden with information, trying to keep users on the page, rather than direct them to a website, which suggests that the influence of search engines will increase.

Mobile is here to stay and marketers should start taking the channel seriously, Experian said. At present, just about a third of websites have a mobile-optimised version and in light of the increasing smartphone uptake in the UK, the other two-thirds can be sure they are missing out on opportunities.

Last, but not least – the classic marketing weapon: e-mail. Marketers will no longer be able to send hundreds of e-mails with the same message and expect high engagement rates. Instead, personalised content based on individual interest and needs will become the norm.