64% of Tech-Savvy UK Online Shoppers Complain Of Bad Customers Service

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More than six in 10 online shoppers in the UK are not satisfied with the customer service they get from businesses on the web, which implies that e-businesses could be losing billions of pounds as a result of their inadequate treatment of customers.

Also, 64% of tech-savvy consumers said that they even feel unlikely to visit a website again that provides low quality customer service.These are the results of a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of online customer helpdesk Sirportly, which approached over 2,000 British shoppers. The study showed that overall, consumers feel broadly betrayed when being treated rudely or get slow or unsatisfactory feedback. Even if a shopper enjoyed a product or a service offered by a certain brand, they would not return to a business offering poor customer service again.

Consumers mostly complained about receiving a slow response to customer service requests, with half of those questioned reporting that they had been left waiting to get a response while shopping online.

Last year, UK consumers spent £50 billion on online purchases. Sirportly has estimated that bad customer service is preventing businesses from generating an additional £20 billion in sales.

Adam Cooke, founder of Sirportly, said that the results from the survey should ring alarm bells for online businesses and make them invest more in measures to improve their customer service. Retailers need to learn to adequately treat not only their in-store customers, but online shoppers as well, he said.