Young Men Like Shopping Online, Research Finds

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Although shopaholic is a title usually reserved solely for women, men also seem to be quite addicted to shopping, however, not on the high street but online.

Recent research from Rakuten Linkshare, which underscored the importance of digital technology to male consumers. According to the results, men in Britain will increasingly be seeking to purchase items from fashion brands available on the web this year and just 8% of them will go to the high street to shop for luxury products. Besides, more than six in 10 of the 1,000 men surveyed admitted that failing to find their favourite luxury brand online would make them feel disappointed.

Men would be extremely tempted to shop from a specific brand if it offered discounts, according to more than half of those polled. About a quarter of men would feel more encouraged to purchase items if the retailer provided free delivery. Another 42% cited coming across an ad promoting free delivery or a product as a strong incentive to shop.

Men will be mostly relying on apps when deciding what products to buy this year, the research also showed. Over 50% of the men participating in the poll said that they have a shopping app on their device, with cash-back apps proving to be most widespread, used by more than 25% of younger male shoppers. Around 20% of men in the 18-35 age group have installed a barcode scanner app on their mobile, 16% use apps developed by particular brands and 19% have QR code apps.