20% Of Parents Feel Tempted To Buy After Seeing An Ad

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A recent survey from UK parenting site Parentdish, which claimed that 20% of parents feel enticed to purchase a new product after seeing it advertised.

The research, conducted among 2,212 parents in partnership with One Poll, went on to reveal that 85% of parents in the UK are positive that most commercials are slanted to please mothers only, the Drum reports. More than half of respondents believe that marketers need to direct their messages to mums and dads evenly.

In order to start purchasing a product exclusively from a certain brand, parents consider comfort to be the most important factor, according to 62% of the sample. The second most important element is value for money, 51% of respondents claimed, followed by trust in the brand (43%).

Parents can’t imagine their lives without products from Apple and Pampers, Parentdish established. At the same time, they consider Asda, Boots and Mothercare as the brands that help to make their lives easier.

Unsurprisingly, mothers emerged as the more financial-savvy and responsible parent, as 51% said they buy most products with coupons and vouchers when shopping, against 40% of dads.

Parentdish’s editor, Tamsin Kelly, claims that whilst modern parenting has evolved, many advertisers are yet to follow suit. The results of the study imply that advertisers need to take into accounts the needs of both mums and dads by focusing less on gender and more on what can be offered to the family as a whole.