Wealthy Consumers Like Shopping Online

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It’s a common belief that wealthy people are not big fans of online shopping, but it seems that this is not the case at all, at least according to the Shullman Research Centre. Surprisingly, online shopping is actually the most favoured way of shopping for high income earners, its latest study revealed.

The researcher found that when well-off consumers research products and buy items, the Internet is their most preferred hub to do so. Some 86% of rich consumers said that they use online tools when researching and shopping, with 64% mentioning desktop computers as their prime device, 18% pointed to tablets and 5% said that they use smartphones.

Some 62% of respondents said that it was more convenient to shop online, about a third admitted that they preferred to shop in-store and 49% felt more comfortable using a personal shopper.

It also emerged that just one in 10 well-off consumers consider researching in-store as their most preferred option when looking to buy a particular item. Even fewer people (2%) said that they relied on a personal shopper to do the research, 1% use mail order and 1% look for additional information over the telephone.

Amazon is the affluent shoppers’ most favourite marketplace online, according to 73% of those polled. Perhaps the most astonishing finding of the research is the fact that Amazon is the top online retailer for both wealthy consumers and mass-market consumers, Bob Shullman, founder and CEO of the Shullman Research Centre, commented.