More Holiday Makers Booking Hotels On The Go

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Online hotel deals provider recently revealed that 22% of Britons decide to take a vacation without making a reservation in advance, relying on their smartphone device to book a hotel room on the move.

I was surprised to read that older Britons are more likely to go on holiday on the spur of the moment, with adults aged over 55 appearing to be the most likely to travel without confirmed accommodation; 27% of respondents admitted making a reservation on the go.

The poll, which gathered responses from 2,000 Britons, identified spontaneity as the top driver behind the decision of 41% of travellers in the 45-54 age group to go on holiday without pre-booking a hotel room. Another 40% cited mobility and the desire to see more places as the reason for not arranging accommodation beforehand, while some said they choose to book while travelling as they don’t know how long their vacation will last.

According to the research, holiday makers from London are the most likely to take a vacation on impulse. Nearly a third of Britons living in the capital said they don’t plan where to stay in advance.

10 years ago, just two million Britons would have taken a vacation without confirmed accommodation, but today more than 6.5 million would consider booking a hotel while travelling, the researcher noted. The sharp increase is a result of advances in technology and the growing adoption of mobile devices. Thanks to smartphones and mobile apps, people are no longer tied into a strict plan and even the most spontaneous travellers can tailor their trips to suit their preferences, Laura Watts from said.