Universities Faster In Mobile Technology Uptake Than Retailers

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It might sound quite strange, but the facts speak for themselves: traditional institutions such as universities are those getting on the mobile technology bandwagon faster than other organisations generally perceived to be in greater need of such tools. Mobile marketing technology delivers benefits that are more than obvious when it comes to tracking and targeting marketing campaigns and while retailers are still slow to embrace it, universities are gradually finding their place in the world of mobile technology.

Over the last couple of years, high street sales have been on the decline and often online retailers are deemed to perform better chiefly because they have a better knowledge of what consumers prefer, the Fourth Source says in an article. Despite this a large number of retailers are yet to add mobile technology to their marketing mix, probably because they are waiting for the introduction of near field communications (NFC) in devices to boost availability. The truth is that apart from NFC, there are many other tools that can do its job well and waiting for NFC to come might mean retailers are missing out on the opportunities that can be embraced today.

Mobile marketing technology is enjoying a higher uptake within the so-called “closed user groups.” These are communities of customers, for instance university students, who are embracing mobile more quickly, especially when their university owns the system. Students feel encouraged to join such groups as they know that their relationship with the university will last a couple of years. In addition, students in closed user groups are notified about a raft of offers from the university, which include not only promotions in cafes or shops, but also deals from local retailers provided via the system or apps. It should be taken into account that customers are far more likely to download one single app that shows a wide range of offers than apps for each retailer.

Closed user groups feature customers with specific needs, which can be targeted by marketers with rewards and deals. This gives retailers the chance to come up with offers that are as close as possible to customer needs.