41% Of Marketers Fail To Measure ROI

Data Marketing CRM

Top management expert TagMan have revealed that while 59% of digital and e-commerce marketers consider big data as a large contributor to their company’s bottom line, 36% of them admit they are yet to get to grips with it.

Moreover, a third of companies believe data overload is the top challenge their organisation faces when managing and performing marketing activities.

The research, based on responses from 200 senior marketing professionals engaged in travel, retail, FMCG and finance, also shows that 41% of the sample find it very difficult to measure return on investment (ROI), identifying it as their top obstacle. More than half (55%) still look at click-through rates to evaluate how successful their digital initiatives were.

Asked about their social media agility, 43% said they did not have evidence that their investments in the medium were resulting in ROI, while 32% questioned the value of using such networks for marketing purposes.

One of the most striking insights from the study is marketers’ belief that e-mail is the most valuable type of digital advertising, TagMan’s chief executive Jon Baron said. Marketers need to come up with measures and tools that can help them understand the volume of ROI as a result of their marketing efforts. This should be at the core of their work since it can help them interpret, assess and respond to the data they have gathered, he said.