Gamers Happy To Receive Value Exchange Ads

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I came across a recent report from MediaBrix, an advertising and services platform for social and mobile games, stating that gamers are very interested in value exchange ads as they expect such options to further enhance their gaming experience.

Mobile and social gaming across the globe is on the rise, chiefly thanks to the increasing adoption of mobile devices. One of the fastest growing segments is mobile gaming, which is expected to stay more popular than casual gaming up until 2014. Brands that seek to attract casual gamers need to search for more innovative ways to foster their engagement. One good method is providing them with value exchange ads, MediBrix says in its Social and Mobile Gaming report.

According to the study, gamers that could be extremely receptive to value exchange ads are women. Casual female gamers believe that value exchange ads give them a more enticing gaming experience which makes them feel happier when they are with their family, kids and friends.

Casual gamers also agree that value exchanging provides them with an advantage while playing, believing that the chance of winning is higher.

Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix, says that social and mobile gaming should become a key medium for marketers to capitalise on, given its mainstream status and its “hundreds of millions” of fans. Social and mobile gaming value exchange ads deliver higher effectiveness and success metrics across the board than conventional online and advertising campaigns. If done the right way, they could be the perfect additive to the user experience, he adds.