Performance Marketing Sites – Top Assistant To Travellers

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I read an interesting article recently which revealed that performance marketing sites and apps are gaining huge popularity amongst holidaymakers. These people rely on such tools to tailor their holidays to their own preferences and to buy them at the most affordable price possible.

These are findings from a study conducted by the Trade Insight Unit, which points to the growing use of price comparison, voucher codes, loyalty/reward schemes or cashback mechanisms to ensure the best price for their holiday. According to the research, titled “Performance Marketing: Travellers and Purchase Paths,” 57% of European holidaymakers now use performance marketing sites and apps when booking hotels, 53% deploy these mechanisms for flights and 59% use them when planning their holiday.

When choosing their holiday destination, 44% of Europeans go to cost-led performance marketing sites, which is nearly the same as the percentage of travellers approaching online travel agents to pick up information on top destinations.

Performance marketing sites are also valuable to travellers searching for flights, with 71% stating that these platforms help them find the most competitive deal. Just 38% are loyal to a particular airline.

Mobile is also starting to play an important role in travellers’ holiday decisions. According to the researchers, 19% of travellers now turn to their mobile device when booking their holiday.