43% Of UK Internet Users Will Shop Mainly Online During Holiday Season

Christmas Shopping Harrods

During November and December, or “the holiday season,” 43% of internet users are planning to do most of their shopping online, according to a study conducted by media buying company Kinetic.

This figure is relatively high, especially in comparison to the number of consumers who will instead shop on the high street and in shopping malls, which stands at 27% and 22% respectively.

It seems that it is becoming the norm for shoppers to use the internet, with only 10% of people saying they will not shop digitally during the holiday season.

One of the main reasons for UK consumers to shop online is the promise of lower prices, as well as convenience. Seven out of ten participants responded that they plan to buy Christmas presents online because they like to have the choice of shopping at any time of the day. Next, users ranked cheaper prices as a reason for online shopping, closely followed by quick online purchasing processes.

Ranking low in importance for UK consumers was the greater choice that online retailers offer. As it turns out, shoppers don’t seem too bothered about variety, but instead look for cheaper items and faster buying processes.

In terms of products, footwear and clothing are lagging behind items such as books and DVDs, with only 30% of users buying such goods online. This suggests that people prefer to try on clothing and footwear before they buy. With this in mind, retailers should work more in this area if they want to boost their online sales.