Google And Facebook Suffer Drop In Visits Since 2012


According to a new study from Experian, Google UK is still the website accessed most often by UK Internet users in September, grabbing a 6.06% share of total site visits in the country.

Facebook was the second most popular website, accounting for 4.17% of web activity last month, followed by YouTube with 3.14%. Collectively, these three web giants represented 13.37% of total visits to online properties in September. They were also the sole websites taking a share higher than 2% in total site visits.

However, despite this, Google and Facebook have actually suffered a drop in visits since December 2012, causing their shares to slightly decline. In the case of YouTube, there has been a decrease in visits since March 2013. According to Experian, this is due to the growing popularity of other sites that are gradually picking up steam, eMarketer reports.

Google UK, in particular, enjoyed a share of 8.80% of total site visits in December 2012, while Facebook accounted for 5.63% of online activity. Visits to YouTube represented 3.39% in the same month, but the video sharing site saw its share drop to 3.14% in June 2013. According to Experian, the smaller share of YouTube is not indicative of Britons’ diminishing interest in video, but rather highlights their switching to other platforms.

Another interesting insight from Experian’s September report is YouTube Mobile’s first-ever entry in the top ten websites chart for the UK.