Physical Retail This Christmas Less About Discounts More About Variety

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New research from mobile advertising network BuzzCity shows that this Christmas many people who shop online won’t be forgetting to visit physical stores. This suggests that it would be imperative for retailers to ensure that customers are provided with the experience they expect from in-store visits, which includes providing staff with tools and technology that will help them address visitors’ queries as quickly and effectively as possible.

The study among 13,000 consumers across 20 markets, including the UK, found that 59% of respondents who shop on the web will also shop in-store but surprisingly not because of price discounts. Consumers first look for variety, mentioned by 33% of the panel, and also expect products to be easy to find and well-displayed, according to 32% of respondents. Discounts are considered a deciding factor for shopping by 24% of shoppers in physical stores, and 14% of those shopping online.

The report also reveals that the in-store journey for the connected consumer starts before he/she enters the brick-and-mortar store. Around 29% of the sample said they check whether an item they want to buy is available at the store, and also look for the price using their devices. Another 21% looked for advice from friends and family on the phone, with one in five admitting it’s easier and faster to use their mobile device to find information in-store rather than asking a store assistant. Some 16% of respondents also said they get a more satisfactory experience in stores where staff are equipped with the latest technology to serve customers.