UK Supermarkets Need To Find Ways To Engage With Upcoming Generations

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Many marketers would agree that in order to keep earning high revenues in the future, supermarkets need to find a way to engage with upcoming generations so they can earn their trust and add them to their list of loyal customers.A new report from social insight provider SpectrumInsight, titled “Delivering The Goods,” UK supermarkets are yet to entice younger generations. In fact, generation Y (those aged 18-34) and generation Z (those under 18) are 45% and 100% respectively less likely to buy non-food items online from supermarkets’ websites than generation X (aged 35 and above), Internet Retailing reports.

Adapting to the way younger generations want to shop is important, because generations Y and Z are some of the highest online spenders on non-food purchases. Recent figures published by the British Retail Consortium showed that 17.5% of sales across non-food categories are now made over the web, meaning that one in every five pounds spent on non-food items now originates from the web.

The survey also reveals that generation Z consumers are less likely to feel “retail rage” when buying products online, compared with generation X shoppers. This could be down to the fact that young people generally don’t feel as strained by work and family issues like older consumers, according to the researcher.

However, retail rage does grow with age, meaning that Generation Z consumers may not be as patient when they grow older.