UK Mums Focus On Internet Deals To Save Money

Mums Consumer

The latest Mumdex report from Asda has found that women of all ages across the UK are turning to the Internet and online retail services in order to save money. The study suggests that digital technology is no longer an area reserved exclusively for the younger consumer, and also reveals a growing optimism among mums as they now use more effective ways to make their money stretch further.

Based on a poll involving 5,500 mothers of all ages, Asda established that 85% of women aged 60 and over and nearly 50% of women in their 70s have used the web and digital apps as a money-saving method. Among younger mothers, unsurprisingly, the rate was significantly higher, with 90% saying they have already discovered the Internet’s money-saving potential.

Two-thirds of mums use the Internet to switch service providers to spend less on their energy bills and home insurance policies, or to change their bank provider to get the best interest rates.

Asda also found that money saving apps are now popular with 50% of mums. Over 70% of them already own a smart device and 75% rely on online banking since this helps them to keep track of household expenses more easily.

Nearly four in five (78%) of mothers aged between 20 and 29 have also used their smartphone to purchase items online. The Internet has also helped around 30% of working mums to start an online business or acquire a new skill, such as a foreign language. For more information, read our article ‘Smart Devices Become Mums’ Indispensable Companions‘.