89% Of Mums Influenced By Coupons When Shopping

Mums Consumer

Printed and digital coupons influence the buying behaviour of nearly one in nine supermarket-shopping mothers, new research from women’s online community Womensforum.com shows.

The study, which was carried out on Womensforum.com and across associated sites, received responses from 2,243 users worldwide, and revealed that 89% of women have bought or try new food products due to having a coupon; some 49% of mothers said they do so often, while 40% said this happens on an occasional basis.

In the last year, coupons were responsible for 73% of new product purchases in the snack-food section. Frozen food accounted for 72% of coupon-influenced purchases and 62% of mothers bought new cereal or cereal related items. Coupons guided the choice of 56.8% of mothers buying beverages, whilst dairy products and bread/bakery products accounted for 54.7% and 42.4% of coupon-inspired purchases respectively.

Mothers were also asked where they find coupons as part of the study, with responses showing that print media (77.8%) and supermarket circulars (65.4%) are the most common forms for getting a coupon. Over 50% of mothers said they frequently find coupons online as well, suggesting that both print and digital remain powerful incentives for buying new products. Ads seen online, including those displayed in blogs, provided 55.1% of respondents with coupons, while social media helped 28.9% of them learn about new products.

Womensforum’s founder and CEO Mark Kaufman commented that despite the growth of digital, the influence of coupons hasn’t dwindled, but has taken on new forms as mothers look for savings across a wider range of channels.