FMCG Takes Largest Share Of Global Ad Spend In 2013

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Companies involved in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry were responsible for 21.3% of total global advertising spend in the first three quarters of 2013, the latest research from Nielsen reveals.

The FMCG sector, which includes food, drink, cosmetics, and toiletries, also experienced a 5.9% growth during the period. This was the second-largest rise after the industry and service sector, where advertising spending improved by 11.3%.

According to the Nielsen Global AdView Pulse report, the higher spending in industry and services was fuelled by the rise in advertising activity in the property sector. Despite the increase, however, industry and service’s share in overall ad spend was almost half that of FMCG, at 11.8%.

Other sectors that experienced a growth in advertising budgets from the previous year were durables (4.1%), distribution channels (3.7%), healthcare (3.4%), telecommunications (0.9%), media (0.8%) and entertainment (0.2%).

Not all sectors tracked by Nielsen experienced growth over the three-quarter period. Advertisers employed in the automotive sectors slashed advertising expenditure by 1.9% between January and September 2013. Automotive advertisers across Europe resorted to more significant cuts, spending 11.2% less on commercial activity, while colleagues in Asia Pacific slashed their budgets by 6.8%. Advertising spending in the clothing and accessories industry was reduced by 1.7%, while advertising budgets in the financial sector were 1% lower.

To compile its ad spend report, Nielsen gauged ad spending volumes across TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, cinema, and Internet display advertising.

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